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Challenges with buying used vehicles


When you purchase a used vehicle the biggest risk is not knowing the real condition of the engine or gearbox. These 2 components cost the most to repair and up till now no one is able to have a quick analysis of the condition of these 2 components. Standard OBD2 diagnostic tests can only see sensor information but is unable to provide further information regarding the internal engine and gearbox condition.


MotorCheckUp's quick oil test is able to provide a comprehensive analysis report to show the real internal condition of the engine, gearbox, power steering and brakes. This allows verification and gives the buyer sufficient information to make the right decision regarding the purchase of the vehicle.

Who Are We?


MotorCheckUp is a patented technology developed by Dr Gert Horstmeyer in Germany to solve a huge problem with the automotive industry which is the inability of any automotive manufacturer, service centre or parts manufacturer to know the true condition of 4 key component without stripping open the part and analyzing it physically. MotorCheckUp is literally like a ”Blood Test” for your vehicle. As humans we conduct blood test to analyze our health condition. MotorCheckUp’s oil test performs a similar function for your vehicle. With 1 drop of oil MotorCheckUp is able to provide a comprehensive analytical report in a few hours.


OUR MISSION:  Promoting Transparency


As with all businesses the need for real transparency is critical especially in the automotive industry. Unscrupulous workshops have been known to cheat customers by not performing repairs or fluid change but charge the customers for it. With MotorCheckUp the vehicle owner is able to test if the said fluid changes are made which ultimately keeps the workshops honest.


It is also encourages the used car dealers and car sellers to be honest about the vehicle condition for the vehicle they intend to sell. The consumer is able to ask to see the MotorCheckUp report before buying the said vehicle.

Engine Work

World’s First
“Blood Test” For Cars

Every combustion engine vehicle has a finite lifespan, and its components naturally wear out with use. While routine maintenance can extend their longevity, there comes a point when components require repairs or replacements. Traditionally, knowing the exact condition of the engine or gearbox necessitated dismantling the parts for thorough inspection. MotorCheckUp changes this narrative by offering a precise analysis of the engine, gearbox, brakes, and power steering using just a single drop of fluid from each respective part.


MotorCheckUp creates a new level of transparency and verification of vehicle conditions.


• Keeps used car dealers and car sellers honest


• Protects both used car dealers and car buyers


• Allows Extended Vehicle Warranty companies to know true condition of the vehicle before providing warranty coverage


• Protects motor insurance companies from potential expensive claims


• Allows Transport Authorities to mandate better safety measures for commercial vehicles and private vehicles


• Reduces carbon footprint by ensuring vehicles are in better condition reducing carbon output

What About Accuracy?


MotorCheckUp was developed in Germany since 2015 and is TUV tested and certified to be 99% accurate.


MotorCheckUp employs the latest in artificial intelligence technology to analyze the oil samples quickly and efficiently without the human biasness or manipulation.


A comprehensive report highlighting the problems detected with a corresponding recommendation to rectify the problems is provided allowing the consumer to have sufficient information to take proper action.

*The Images on the right are example test results & case samples*




What can Motor Check Up test show?

MCU can check for dust / sediment in the motor oil, if fuel (petrol or diesel) is getting mixed with the motor oil, if coolant (or water) is getting mixed with the motor oil and overall condition of motor oil. This will determine if there is any possible damage to the engine.


How accurate is the Motor Check Up test?

MCU is certified and verified by German government testing body called TUV which carries the most stringent quality control standards. MCU is tested and verified to carry a 99% accuracy


How does Motor Check Up test compare to OBD2 diagnostic tests?

OBD2 diagnostic tests can only see sensor information, it also can be hidden where the diagnostic tool can “clear trouble codes” to hide possible problems. OBD2 cannot see internal engine conditions. MCU is able to detect engine condition using 1 drop of motor oil. With MCU the user cannot cheat or hide the engine condition. Even if the user changes motor oil the symptoms will still appear once the engine is started.


How soon can I get the test report for my oil sample of my car?

For motor oil the test report can be sent out within the same day if the specimen is handed to us before 2pm. For other fluids such as transmission, power steering and brake fluid the report can be sent within a few hours of receiving the specimen.


Why do I need to use Motor Check Up?

When buying a used vehicle the most expensive part of the vehicle to repair is the engine and by knowing the true engine condition you can potentially save yourself a lot of time and money on repairs. Up till now there is not quick, easy and affordable way to check the vehicle’s internal engine condition. 


Who can use the Motor Check Up test?

It is suitable for both consumer and industry users. Consumers who are planning to buy a used car can use MCU to verify the vehicle condition before purchasing, likewise with industry users such as used car dealers, extended warranty providers, fleet vehicle operators and etc. Workshops can also use MCU to verify that their repair job is done properly.


What other vehicles can MotorCheckUp be used on?

MCU can be used on any combustion engine vehicles such as construction equipment, farming equipment, boats, generator, mining equipment and many more.


How does Motor Check Up apply for commercial vehicles?

Commercial vehicle operators such as transport companies with fleets of trucks and buses can use MCU to test brake fluid to ensure that their vehicles have brake fluid that are not too old that may contain too much water which can affect braking performance of the vehicle. It is to promote better vehicle and road safety.


How long have MotorCheckUp been around?

MCU have been around since 2005 and the technology have evolved year on year for greater accuracy and performance. MCU is developed and made in Germany.


What else can Motor Check Up indicate in the test report?

On some cases MCU can give hints on possible odometer tampering. For example, if a vehicle is 5 years old but the mileage is very low but upon testing the motor oil the condition is bad, there is a possibility of odometer tampering. This can be a real danger to the new buyer as they will not know the true mileage and how much maintenance or repairs is needed in the near future. The test report can also help mechanics quickly identify the problem and focus on the problem areas.


Do I need a professional to help with the Motor Check Up test?

You can buy the test kit from our e-commerce link and take one drop of oil from your vehicle’s engine (from the dipstick) and place it on the test kit. Let the oil sample mature over 4-5 hours then send it back to us. Upon receiving the oil sample we will process it and send the test report by email. If you are unsure you may ask a mechanic to assist you with getting the oil sample from your vehicle.

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