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Stain Buster

STAIN BUSTER is the latest in stain removal solution that works instantly to remove oxidation, water stains, acid rain stains and colour transfer stains. It’s alkaline based solution is safe on car body paint work and can be used on plastics, metal and rubber parts. Works on all car body colours. Keeping your car’s paint looking new is easy with Stain Buster.

Smart Cleaner

SMART CLEANER is a two-in- one cleaner designed for cleaning leather, fabric and carpets. It is a non-toxic formulation that works quickly to lift dirt, oil and other stains from leather, fabric and carpets. It can be used in combination with the Optimo interior cleaning brush or directly on a micro fibre cloth. It can also be used to clean bags, tables, sofas and shoes. Smart cleaner is a handy cleaning solution for everyday use.

Waterless Car Wash

WATERLESS CAR WASH is a simple 1 step cleaning solution that uses no water. It is suitable for cleaning the car’s exterior, interior, glass and wheels. Spray on, wait 3-5 seconds for the dirt to lift and then wipe off with a microfiber cloth. Waterless Car Wash is ideal for quick cleaning and also for places where normal washing of cars with running water is prohibited. Waterless Car Wash is a water based formula that is fast acting and yet safe on the car’s paint.

Headlight Restorer

HEADLIGHT RESTORER is a quick and simple restoration kit that is applied by hand to remove old oxidation from headlights.The concept is to avoid using polishing machines which will scratch the headlight during the oxidation removal process. Optimo Headlight Restorer comes as a complete kit and allows the user to restore the headlights quickly and effectively and provide long term protection against oxidation returning.

Paint & Plastic Reviver

PAINT & PLASTIC REVIVER is a one step application that is designed for quick and easy revival of old faded paint work and plastic parts to look like new in matter of seconds. The Optimo’s Paint & Plastic Reviver applicator cloth comes pre-soaked with the special proprietary solution that will turn the paint and plastic component back to look like new without leaving a sticky or oily residue.

Wheel Cleaner

WHEEL CLEANER is a specially formulated cleaning agent designed to lift and remove stubborn brake dust, road grime, oil and dirt from the wheels without hard scrubbing. Wheel Cleaner is highly effective against brake dust and grime. Wheel Cleaner is safe to use on all types of wheels without harming the paint or the plated finish. For old wheels, Wheel Cleaner will lift and loosen the stubborn brake dust and grime making it very easy to clean with a brush.

Glass Compound

GLASS COMPOUND is a specially formulated solution designed for deep cleaning glass and for removing water marks on glass. It is micro beads work to deeply clean and remove sediment, oil and dirt on all types of glass. It is suitable for windshields, shower doors, windows and mirrors. Using just a little is sufficient to effectively clean a large surface area.

Body Shield

Optimo's unique glass and ceramic combination paint protection coating is an ultra durable protective coating that sits on sits on the paint surface to provide protection from the sun, rain, dirt, oil and dead bugs. The special combination creates a super glossy effect while offering amazing water repelling properties which make the protected surface extremely easy to clean.

Rain Shield

HYBRID 360 RAIN SHIELD is a specially formulated rain repellent for glass and windshield designed to improve visibility when driving in the rain. The unique non-silicone formula adheres to the glass surface for long lasting effect while promoting ultra fast water repelling effect to drain away rain from speed of 50km/h onwards.

Leather Protector

LEATHER PROTECTOR is a one step protector for leather and vinyl to resist stains and dirt build up. The unique water based formula gives it rich and natural look without any oil, slippery feel. One application will last between 4-6 months depending on the frequency of usage of the leather or vinyl surface. Optimo Leather protector will protect against UV and prevent the leather from hardening.

Sun Shield

SUN SHIELD is basically an existing concept that has been refreshed and improved upon for better application. The traditional window film has been around for decades and despite it being effective in cutting heat and glare, it is also expensive and cumbersome to install. Optimo Sun Shield is much easier, cheaper and can work with existing tints on the window. Sun Shield works on the static cling concept and has no glue.

Rain Shield DIY Kit

OPTIMO RAIN SHIELD works to repel rain on the windshield with great durability of up to 6 months per application. The Complete DIY application of Rain Shield includes Optimo Glass Compound, Rain Shield solution (sufficient for 1 year’s application) and applicator pad. This quick and easy kit allows the user to adequately clean the windshield and apply Rain Shield by themselves.

Ultra Mist

ULTRA MIST SOLUTION is developed specifically to be used only with the Ultra Mist Machine. It instantly kills up to 99% of bacteria and mold spores in the air conditioning system.

Bactashield Basic

BACTASHIELD BASIC is a non toxic water based anti bacterial and anti fungal spray that will eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria and fungus on any surface. Bacteria and fungus spores will die with immediate contact with any treated surface. One spray on the surface will last up to 3 months for long term protection. Bactashield Basic is completely transparent and odourless and is 100% safe on any surface.

Odour Killer

ODOUR KILLER is a non toxic water based deodorising spray that eliminates foul odours associated with bacteria. Manufactured using nano technology Bactakleen odour killer is formulated using green tea and citrus extracts. It works effectively against bacterial odours such as urine, fecal matter, rotting food, vomit odours, cigarette smoke as well as chemical odours such as adhesive or paint odours.

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